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Job Market Monitor: Climbing the Job Ladder among Graduates

The incidence of mismatch and low wage rates of graduate employment has raised a question on what happened to the graduate ecosystem. Graduate ecosystem assessment encompasses the whole perspectives of graduates starting from their education, and the transition from education to work until employed. It is undeniable that there are extensive studies on graduate employment but, most studies conducted only take one input from the whole graduate ecosystem. However, it is important to conduct a study on the graduate ecosystem as a whole. In such a way we have a comprehensive perspective of graduate employment and understand the causes of this incidence so that we can design effective graduate employment policies for the future.

By seeing how important in conducting a study on the graduate ecosystem, this study was framed based on end-to-end labor market ecosystem that examines the education experiences, preparedness for labor market and state of graduate employment. This study was framed based on the several questions on the demand and supply of labor perspective such as: how do education experiences shape graduates in facing the world of work? Are graduates preparing themselves to enter the labor market? What happened to the graduates in the labor market? What is the employers’ perspective on the graduates’ employment? To answer these questions, this study generally aims to assess in-depth the graduates’ employment patterns and transitions, and graduates’ income trends link to the living condition of graduates, educational experiences, job searching and mobility, and the existence of the informal activity.

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