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The Labour

The Labour is a monthly bulletin that expresses EU-ERA’s independent views on the labour issues and provides updates on research activities and publications. The bulletin provides insights into the emerging and current issues of concern, summarises the research notes by EU-ERA’s economists, shares the reality of labours that inspired and motivated others to change, and reviews the labour market. Interested individuals, experts, and independent researchers are also invited to contribute to the bulletin.

Discussion Paper

The EU-ERA Discussion Paper series is part of a larger effort by EU-ERA to provide open access to its research and contribute to Malaysia’s scientific and development policy discussions. The discussion paper disseminates data, information, and findings of work in progress to encourage the exchange of ideas about labour and development issues

Quarterly Labour Market Perspectives

The Quarterly Labour Market Perspectives highlights the quarterly key insights of the Malaysia labour market performance and outlook in connection to economic growth. The perspectives act as a labour market guide and provide complementary information to policymakers, businesses, academics and the public through labour market monitoring and empirical analyses. It provides advice and recommendations for policymakers and decision-makers on information (LMLI) derived based on administrative data that are maintained by the Office of Employment Insurance System (EIS), Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and the survey-based data collected by the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) are utilised in the empirical assessments.

Books and Technical Report

EU-ERA’s book publication activities are conducted based on two approaches, which covering the compilation of past and current research manuscripts written by the economist team and execution of new research projects in light of the urgent needs for novel approaches in policy planning