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About EU-ERA

Towards Evidence-based Policy Formulation
Advanced Analytics for Future Workforce


Centre for Future Labour Market Studies (EU-ERA) is a state-of-the-art research centre in Malaysia that focuses on the labour market research and analytics. EU-ERA operates as a nucleus division within The Future Studies Berhad (THE FUTURE). At THE FUTURE, we are dedicated to conducting cutting edge research and analysis on the rapidly changing economic and labor market landscapes, with the goal of informing policymakers, businesses, and the public about the implications of these changes.

Post-pandemic periods have shown the need for Malaysia to carry out necessary reforms and structural transformation. Reforms and transformations are necessary to ensure the Malaysian economy continues to be sustainable and immune to future crises. Labour market transformation, educational reform and industrial upgrading are among the examples of the focused areas to be emphasized. Altogether, sound economic policies are critical for Malaysia's development as the country aspires to foster a sustainable and resilient economy in meeting future challenges.

Our vision is crafted based on the principle of “bridging the gaps in knowledge and policy”. Our goal is to enhance the economic, social, and environmental aspects of Malaysia by incorporating more knowledge-based policies in our decision-making processes. We aim to bring about transformational change by using evidence-based approaches in applied research, advisory services and educational programs to inform policy decisions.


The mission of the EU-ERA is to blend the scientific and empirical approach into the current policy development which cover end-to-end labour market policies ranging from the labour supply to the labour demand issues. The research areas and policy analyses are broadly oriented into three dimensions namely labour supply, job market and the labour demand. In meeting the scopes, the centre focuses on forecasting and modelling; applied policy analysis; and capacity building and structured training programs for labour market assessment tools.

Technical Expertise

High quality and reliable research outputs are always backed by strong methodological foundation. Our research team members have the expertise in core quantitative economic tools of econometrics, input-output (IO), social accounting matrix (SAM), computable general equilibrium (CGE), system dynamics (SD) and data envelopment analysis (DEA).

These quantitative tools are not only vital for labour policy assessments but also in explaining inter-linkages between labour market and wide range of developmental issues such as investment, trade, income distribution, poverty, social policy, demography and ageing, and migration. Our team members also have extensive experience in primary and secondary data analytics in the areas of economics and labour.

Executive Leadership Team

Dato' Amir Omar

Principal Research Fellow

Research Fellow

Dr. Chakrin Utit

Research Fellow

Economist and Junior Economist

Applied Labour Market Policies & Development Economics

Muhammad Adib Jamal

Junior Economist

Employment & Talent Development

Macroeconomic Modelling & Forecasting

Umi Zakiah Norazman


Adzzahir Ifwad Adzman

Junior Economist

Administration, Strategic and Communication

Nurul Nabilah Iskandar

Project Coordinator