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We equip future leaders by
bridging gaps in knowledge
and policy

Our mission is to provide people with technical and policy oriented short courses that will help to shape a better economic development and planning for Malaysia. The short courses relevant for policy makers, politicians, government officers, private sectors, academicians and post-graduate students.

Short courses

High-quality and reliable policy analyses are always backed by a strong methodological foundation. For this reason, our focus at this point in time is on offering exposure to quantitative techniques for policy analyses.

Input-output, econometrics, applied general equilibrium and Excel for data analytics are among the short courses that are available to be offered.

These quantitative tools are not only vital for labour policy assessments but also in explaining inter-linkages between labour market and wide range of developmental issues such as investment, trade, income distribution, poverty, social policy, demography and ageing, and migration.

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Tailored Courses

We also provide courses that are tailored to the needs of customers. At this point in time, the focus is given to the training of state and regional economic planners. Among the courses include economic tools for state planning and Excel for decision making. More tailored courses are expected to be offered in the future to meet the upskilling and reskilling agenda.

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