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Selected Research Projects

The overall objective for the establishment of EU-ERA is to strengthen the capacity of the government in developing, implementing and evaluating sound labor policies. This objective is achieved by blending the scientific and empirical approach into the current policy development which covers end-to-end labor market policies ranging from the labor supply to the labor demand issues. Below we present a selection of our numerous project activities that support our objective of the establishment.

Selected Projects

Effects of Labor Market Conditions on Shadow Economy in Malaysia

Untapped Economically Active Labor Force to Promote Economic Growth and Productivity

The Need for Escaping the Wage Curse

Meniti Titian Hidup: Memahami Impak Badai Inflasi

Job Market Monitor: Climbing the Job Ladder among Graduates

Study on Measures and Strategies to Increase Labor Compensation

A study to develop an economy-wide model for refinement of medium-term labor market forecasting and evidence-based policy formulation

Jadual Input-Output Negeri & Rancangan Pembangunan Negeri Sembilan (RPNS)

Impacts and Consequences of Unemployment Insurance

State Productivity Assessment